Find A Urologist Near Me: Dr Arianayagam

Find A Urologist Near Me: Dr Arianayagam

Looking to find a urologist near you? Dr Arianayagam works at Nepean Public Hospital in Penrith, Macquarie University Hospital, Norwest Private, Nepean Private and HSS, and his own practice in Bella Vista.

What Is a Urologist?

A urologist specialises in the treatment of the function and disorders of the urinary system in both men and women, as well as the reproductive system in men.

The urinary tract is the system that makes, stores, and removes urine from the body. This includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethera and adrenal glands. Urologists also treat parts of the male reproductive system including the penis, testicles and prostate.

Some urologists focus on cancers of the urinary system, including the bladder, kidneys, prostate, and testicles. These are called urologic oncologists.

What Kinds of Conditions Does a Urologist Treat?

Urologist treat a wide range of urologic conditions and cancers of the urinary systems. Some common conditions include:

Kidney cancer

Testicular cancer

Bladder cancer

Prostate cancer

Enlarged prostate 

• Kidney stones

Some common procedures include:

Laparoscopic surgery

Robotic surgery





About Dr Arianayagam

Dr Arianayagam is one of the most high regarded urologists in Sydney. He treats a range of cancers and other disorders of the urinary system, specialising in bladder cancer surgery and minimally invasive surgery for cancers of the kidney. He primarily treats patients with urological cancers but also performs surgery for the treatment of kidney stones and urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate.

Dr Arianayagam completed urology training in NSW and then undertook a two year fellowship in Urologic Oncology at the University of Miami. He is a senior lecturer at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University.

He works at both public (Nepean Hospital in Penrith) and private hospitals (Macquarie University Hospital, Norwest Private, Nepean Private and HSS in Bella Vista). He also has a practice located in Bella Vista.

If you have an enquiry, please call or use our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. The goal of our practice is to provide compassionate care while being accessible and keeping you fully informed.

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