Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic

Multidisciplinary Prostate Clinic

In 2017 we are pleased to announce the first multidisciplinary prostate cancer clinic in Western Sydney. Dr Arianayagam already works closely with Radiation Oncologists, physiotherapists and prostate cancer nurses to give patients with prostate cancer the best possible outcomes and this is a natural extension of the Urgent Cancer Clinic that has also been established.

Once prostate cancer has been diagnosed, patients currently need to make their own appointments to see radiation oncologists, which may lead to delays in treatment while waiting for appointments.

To help streamline the process, we will be bringing this all “in house”.

Not all patients with an elevated PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test have prostate cancer. However, if the PSA remains high and/or the prostate exam is abnormal then further evaluation is needed. Initially patients have a MRI scan followed by a prostate biopsy.

How is a biopsy performed?

All of Dr Arianayagam’s patients undergo a biopsy using the “transperineal” route. Patients are given an anaesthetic and using ultrasound guidance, needles are passed through the skin behind the scrotum into the prostate to take out needles of tissue.

Transperineal biopsies are performed at Nepean Public Hospital, Hospital for Specialist Surgery (HSS) and Macquarie University Hospital.

What happens after the biopsy?

You will be seen by Dr Arianayagam in his office and if cancer is detected there will be a preliminary discussion and further investigations will be arranged. These tests are needed to see if the cancer has spread to any other parts of the body. They are called staging investigations and may include CT scan, bone scan and/or PSMA scan.

Multidisciplinary clinic

Once cancer has been diagnosed and the patients returns with his staging investigations he will then be seen in the multidisciplinary clinic. This will involve several consultations in a single setting. Currently we expect all patients to see Dr Arianayagam as well as a Radiation Oncologist and a prostate cancer nurse.

All patients are also referred for physiotherapy for both pelvic floor work as well as exercise physiology and a dietician as part of the multidisciplinary clinic. The physio is done off site due to the need for specialised equipment.

Radiotherapy can be provided at Nepean, Blacktown or Westmead cancer care centres. Robotic surgery is available at Macquarie University Hospital or Nepean Public Hospital. All patients can take advantage of the public robotic service at Nepean hospital for no out of pocket cost.

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