Urgent Cancer Clinic

Urgent Cancer Clinic

Since 2017 we have provided a rapid access or urgent clinic.

If your GP identifies an urgent problem they you will be seen within a week. Dr Arianayagam consults at least three times a week, so we will be able to accommodate you at short notice. All that is needed is a referral marked “Urgent clinic” or a phone call from your GP.

Suggested conditions for referral include:

  • Prostate problems
  • Urinary retention
  • High PSA blood test or elevated PSA velocity
  • Abnormal rectal exam
  • Mass in the kidney or adrenal gland
  • Mass in the bladder
  • Blood in the urine or positive cytology

Recent updated guidelines from the Cancer Council and the Prostate Cancer foundation suggests that:

Men with a family history of prostate cancer should be screened from age 40

  • Men age 40 can have a single PSA done to assess their lifetime risk of prostate
  • cancer. 40 year old men with a PSA at or below the median (0.9ng/mL) have a low lifetime risk of developing prostate cancer

Dr Arianayagam has a rapid access program set up with various radiology practices in Sydney to ensure that very high quality MRI scans of the prostate are done as quickly as possible. In addition, Dr Arianayagam performs prostate biopsies in multiple locations and hence your biopsy can be performed very quickly to ensure prompt and optimum care.

Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer will be seen in the multidisciplinary prostate clinic.

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