Urinary Stones

Urinary Stones

Patients with renal colic should have a CT scan (non contrast or CT KUB). Ultrasound is not helpful as it cannot image the lower 2/3rds of the ureter. The presence of ureteric jets on ultrasound is not sufficient to say that there is no stone.

If the pain is manageable the CT can be done in the outpatient setting and the patient followed up in the rooms. However, it is essential that they do not have UTI (on urine culture), fever and that they have both kidneys. Patients with any of the latter require urgent renal drainage with either ureteric stent or percutaneous nephrostomy.

If pain is severe, I would recommend referral to the emergency department. CT can be done and pain managed with intravenous opiates.

If you wish to refer an urgent patient to me, please contact my rooms on 1300 307 990 or call me on my mobile (number available if you contact my rooms). I am often operating in either Nepean private or public, Norwest Private or Macquarie University Hospital and patients can be easily admitted and have their stone treated on my elective list.

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