Dr Arianayagam is an experienced urologist based in Sydney, and a specialist urological surgeon

He is a specialist urologist, treating cancers and other disorders of the urinary system. He trained in the USA to use the da Vinci robot to achieve better outcomes for men with prostate cancer.

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Aside from robotic prostatectomy, Dr Arianayagam has also trained in robotic surgery for removal of the bladder for cancer (radical cystectomy). He also performs robotic kidney surgery...


Dr Arianayagam has developed the reputation of being a skilled laparoscopic surgeon and excellent teacher. He routinely performs the entire breadth of laparoscopic surgery ranging from...

Urologic Cancer

Dr Arianayagam has had a very large experience in treating patients with a range of urologic cancers. Since training in the USA Dr Arianayagam performs all bladder removal procedures with the the da Vinci robot...


While he is primarily a urological cancer surgeon, Dr Arianayagam also sees patients with general urological complaints. These include reduced urine flow and lower urinary tract symptoms which are...

“My staff and I strive to provide ethical, compassionate and up to date care.”

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