Choosing The Best Urologist in Sydney

Choosing The Best Urologist in Sydney

Seeking treatment from a urologist who is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced is very important for your peace of mind. Here are some tips for finding the best urologist in Sydney.

Urological conditions are common in men and women of all ages in Australia. There is a chance that at some point you will need to seek advice and treatment from a urologist, and seeing with a specialist who is knowledgable, skilled and experienced is very important. Here are some tips for finding the best urologist in Sydney.

Are They Highly Trained?

Urologists are highly trained medical professionals who have spent years studying at medical school, in addition to lengthy specialist training in the field.

Dr Arianayagam completed his urology training in New South Wales at Port Macquarie, Westmead and Prince of Wales Hospitals. After completion of the Urology Fellowship examinations in October 2008, further training was undertaken at the Miller School of Medicine, Department of Urology, at The University of Miami, Florida, USA from July 2009 to June 2011 as a Urologic Oncology Fellow. Fellowship to the American Society of Urologic Oncology was awarded at the completion of this two year training period.

You can see Dr Arianayagam’s accrediations here.

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Do They Offer Comprehensive Service?

The best urologists will offer a comprehensive range of services and will be able to offer advice on all urological needs. Many urological procedures and conditions are multidisciplinary and require knowledge in multiple fields.

Dr Arianayagam offers the entire breadth of urological service. He is a highly skilled laparoscopic and robotic surgeon and routinely performs a wide range of surgeries, from laparoscopic removal of the kidneys, to all aspects of adrenal surgery, to robotic prostatectomy (which improves postoperative erectile function).

You can read more about Dr Arianayagam’s special interests and areas of expertise here.

Are They Experienced in Different Areas? 

The best urologists will constantly be learning and developing their skills and knowledge in specialised areas.

Dr Arianayagam has a broad range of special interests, such as robotic surgery, to minimally invasive surgery, urinary diversion, specialist robotic techniques, transplant techniques for kidney removal, complex surgeries such as zero ischaemia partial nephrectomy, laser surgery, all aspects of cancer surgery and preserving erectile function.

If you have any questions regarding urological conditions or would like to book an appointment, please call Dr Arianayagam’s office on 1300 307 990 and his staff will be more than happy to help.

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