What Are the Signs of Acute Kidney Failure

What Are the Signs of Acute Kidney Failure

Acute Kidney Failure also known as Acute Renal Failure, is a serious condition in which the kidneys become unable to function to their full capacity. The kidneys are vital to the body’s health and have a range of functions including cleaning the blood, including forming urine, producing hormones and regulating important minerals such as potassium and sodium.

It goes without saying that any damage to the kidney’s function is detrimental and can potentially be life-threatening, so if you encounter any symptoms of Acute Kidney Failure it’s essential that you contact emergency services (phone 000).

Acute Kidney Failure can be caused by a number of conditions, but in all cases, it is a serious condition that can be potentially life-threatening. If you are at risk it’s important to be able to spot the symptoms so you can find treatment as soon as possible.

Who is at Risk?

Acute Kidney failure is more of a concern if you are an older person or have long-term health issues that may affect the renal system. The following conditions may put you at higher risk:
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Heart disease
• Kidney disease
• Liver disease
• Complications with pregnancy including placenta previa and placental abruption

What Are Common Causes?

Acute kidney failure is caused by many diseases, however, the main factors involve conditions that slow blood flow, directly damage kidneys or block ureters from draining waste from the kidneys.

The most common major causes of Acute Kidney Failure include:
• Extreme dehydration
• Toxicity from poisoning
• Autoimmune kidney disease
• Urinary tract obstruction

Conditions that cause reduced blood flow can also cause kidney failure, some examples include:
• Septic shock
• Low Blood pressure
• Hemorrhage
• Injury
• Surgery

Conditions that cause clotting inside the kidney’s blood vessels can also lead to kidney failure, some examples include:
• Malignant Hypertension
• Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome
• Scleroderma


The signs of Acute Kidney Failure include:
• Fatigue
• Nausea
• Irregular heartbeat
• Decrease in urine output, however, it does on occasion remain unaffected
• Shortness of breath
• Confusion
• Bloody stools
• Pain between ribs and hips
• Chest pain or pressure
• In severe cases seizure or coma

If you have any signs of Acute Kidney Failure do not hesitate to call emergency care (phone 000) immediately.

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