After Your Operation

After Your Operation

Follow up

After your procedure you will be instructed as to the follow up that is required. If you are unsure please check with the nursing staff prior to leaving the hospital. I also see all patients before discharge. Please ask me if you have any questions.

Problems after surgery

Sometimes you may have a problem or query once you have been discharged. Some problems are very common and are not a major concern.

For example:

  • Following any procedure where a telescope is inserted into the bladder it is normal to have some blood in the urine. This is also the case after insertion of ureteric stents.
  • After transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) or resection of bladder tumours it is common to have some intermittent bleeding. This is not a concern unless you are passing clots and dark red blood or you are unable to pass urine. Please contact the hospital where the procedure was done as listed below.
  • Following destruction of a stone in the kidney or ureter blood is very common and will stop as the days go by. If you have a ureteric stent then bleeding will continue until the stent is removed. You may have pain in the kidney area for which you should take some painkillers. You would have received a prescription prior to discharge in hospital.
  • When you have a stent in place you may have frequency where you want to pass urine all the time. You may also have urgency as well as pain in the kidney area when you pass urine. This is normal and can be managed with painkillers. The symptoms usually abate with time but especially as soon as the stent is removed.
  • If you have fevers, chills, shivers or shakes you need to contact the hospital where the procedure was performed. Instructions are listed below.

If you need to discuss a problem or symptom after your surgery please contact my office during hours on 1300 307 990.

If the office is closed or it is an urgent problem, please contact the hospital where you had the procedure.

Present to the Emergency department – you will be assessed and one of the registrars and I will be informed.

If the problem is urgent or severe, present to the nearest emergency department. You will be assessed and treated and I will be informed in due course. I am very keen to look after my own patients when they have an issue after surgery. If you are assessed in another emergency department they will usually contact me and we will try and transfer you to a hospital where I work so I can look after you.

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