Urologic Oncologist Sydney

Urologic Oncologist Sydney

Dr Arianayagam is a highly regarded urologic oncologist working in Sydney. If you would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call today.

About Dr Arianayagam

After completing urology training in NSW, further training in Urologic Oncology was undertaken at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine where he completed a two year fellowship accredited by the Society of Urologic Oncology.

The Chairman of the department at the time was Dr Mark Soloway, an acknowledged leader in surgery for bladder cancers and hence, Dr Arianayagam has had a wealth of experience in treating patients with these tumours. Since training in the USA Dr Arianayagam performs all bladder removal procedures with the da Vinci robot.

While at the University of Miami, Dr Arianayagam was also involved in writing guidelines for the treatment of bladder cancer. This was a book written for the International Consultation on urologic diseases. The recommendations from this book were presented at the European Association of Urology international meeting in 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

Dr Arianayagam also specialises in laparoscopic and robotic partial nephrectomy where a diseased portion of the kidney is removed leaving the rest of the organ intact.

He also performs zero ischaemia partial nephrectomy, where the artery to the kidney is not clamped. This has the advantage of having no ischaemia to the kidney and hence improved function. It is even more challenging than the traditional laparoscopic approach due to the risk of increased bleeding.

In addition to these procedures, Dr Arianayagam has had extensive exposure to all aspects of cancer surgery. He spent time at University Clinic where tremendous experience was obtained in looking after patients with urologic cancers. Patients were cared for using a multidisciplinary approach, where case conferences were held between all the doctors involved in cancer care to obtain the best outcomes for patients (multidisciplinary team).

The opportunity to discuss problems with a medical oncologist (doctors who give chemotherapy to treat cancer) and radiation oncologists (doctors who treat cancers with radiation) was invaluable and is considered the standard of care. Dr Arianayagam is the coordinator of the multidisciplinary team for the Department of Urology at Nepean hospital.

Procedures Dr Arianayagam Performs

There are some of the procedures Dr Arianayagam performs to treat urologic cancer:

• Radical nephrectomy (removal of the kidney)
• Partial nephrectomy (removal of part of the kidney)
• IVC thrombectomy (removal of a kidney with a tumour in the veins)
Adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal gland)
• Radical cystectomy (removal of the bladder)
• Neobladder urinary diversion (new bladder made from small bowel)
• Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (removal of cancerous lymph nodes)
Testicular cancer surgery

Booking An Appointment with Dr Arianayagam

He primarily treats patients with urological cancers but also performs surgery for the treatment of kidney stones and urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate.

Dr Arianayagam works at both public (Nepean) and private hospitals (Macquarie University Hospital, Norwest Private, Nepean Private and HSS).

You can book a consultation appointment with Dr Arianayagam at Bella Vista or Penrith. If you have any further questions about urologic oncology and would like to book, please feel free to call.

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