Why Should You See a Urologist? Here Are 6 Common Reasons

Why Should You See a Urologist? Here Are 6 Common Reasons

Seeing a urologist isn’t exactly a water cooler conversation, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect a check-up.

Urologists are doctors who specialise in conditions that effect the urinary tract and reproductive system.

While urology can often be associated with the treatment of men, conditions that effect women and children are commonly treated by urologists as well.

Dr. Arianayagam is one of Sydney’s leading urologists, so if you are experiencing urinary or sexual problems, booking an appointment at Urology Specialist is a great place to start.

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So with that in mind, here are six common conditions that urologists specialise in treating.

Leaking urine

Leaking urine, also known as urinary incontinence, refers to bladder control. It can range from a complete lack of control to only minimal leakage, but it should be treated regardless. A urologist can assist in prescribing the right drugs, or offering alternatives to fix the issue.

Testicular pain

Testicular pain is the furthest thing from comfortable and I’m sure you’d agree. If you feel pain or a mass in your testicle/s, you should see a urologist right away. Although it’s uncommon, there is a chance the pain could be testicular cancer, which requires immediate treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction

You probably saw this one coming. It’s a very common occurrence for men aged 40-70, happening 30 – 50% of the time. Going to a urologist will ensure that the cause of the erectile dysfunction is found, such as obesity or hypertension. From there, it can be treated in the most effective way possible.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are another common occurrence and unfortunately, they can be pretty painful. The good news is that they are highly treatable, so catching a urologist will get you back on track to regular urination, with less risk of reoccurrence.

Blood in urine

Also referred to as hematuria, this is a far from ideal health situation. In fact, you probably already have ‘see a urologist’ as the first thing on your to-do list. If so, you’re definitely making the right choice. A urologist will be able to discover the root cause, then treat accordingly, to avoid possible bladder or kidney cancer.

Irregular urination

This may not seem incredibly worrying, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Urgent urination, a weak stream, excessive urination during night hours, or never finishing urination properly are all potential indicators of an enlarged prostate, or BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia). This condition affects 50% of men over 60, so if think that might be you, best to give a urologist a call.

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Chronic testicular pain is not an easy thing to go through and should never be taken lightly. It is important to talk to a trusted professional when it comes to your health. If you have any questions about testicular pain, or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact or call Dr Arianayagam’s office on 1300 307 990, and his staff will be happy to assist.

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