What is Nocturia


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What is Nocturia

Nocturia is a common condition where people wake at night to pass urine. This can be due to lower urinary…

Common Problems of the Urethra

The urethra is the passageway that transports urine (and semen in men) from the bladder to the outside world. In…

5 Common Urology Tests

Going to a Urologist can be a daunting experience and a lot of people tend to get nervous on their…

The Benefits of Robotic Surgery In Urology

Surgical technology is constantly advancing, resulting in better outcomes for patients, less pain, shorter stays in hospital and quicker recovery….

What is Male Infertility?

Male infertility refers to a males inability to reproduce and is a result of many factors, including lifestyle choices, chronic…

Does Coffee have an Effect on the Kidneys?

Coffee is one of the world’s favourite beverages, and its popularity has spurred interest into the various effects it has…

What Conditions Can Urologists Treat?

A urologist is a specialist physician who treats conditions relating to the urinary tract, reproductive organs, as well as other…

What Your Testicle Pain May be Telling You

It goes without saying, testicle pain is not fun and like the organ itself the topic can be pretty sensitive….

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