Mobile applications to help improve urological health

Mobile applications to help improve urological health

While we all have a pretty good idea about what measures we should take to care for our health, we often forget about some of the excellent tools which can help us reach our goals. New technologies, especially in the form of smartphone and mobile applications, can be incorporated into our daily routine to improve our overall health and wellbeing, which leads to improved urological health.

Check out some of the different technological tools that you can adopt to care for your urological health.

Exercise and fitness apps

Exercise apps are a great way to create a fitness plan and allow you to track your progress with ease. Fitness tracking applications are used for logging various physical activities, and smart social features can assist you in staying accountable when it comes to getting active. Other applications are used to track daily steps and movements, while others provide guided workout videos which can be selected to match your skills and abilities.

Nutrition apps

The food that we consume plays an important role in looking after our urological health, and often special diets are required to improved urological issues. Nutrition applications can be used as a food diary or a calorie calculator. Some provide nutritional information with the scan of a barcode while others offer a huge selection of healthy recipes.

Mental health apps

While mental health is not always thought about in relation to urology, it is very important. For those suffering from urological conditions such as stress incontinence, the condition can often take a toll on mental health, leaving people feeling ashamed, embarrassed and isolated. Mental health-focused apps are a great tool which can be used to encourage positive mental health. Options include diary-style applications, mood trackers, yoga and meditation programs, as well as a number of mental health services.

Other health apps

There are a number of other types of mobile applications which focus on your health. For example, you can quickly and easily record your heart rate and blood pressure through blood pressure apps, get regular reminders to drink water, or alternatively, you can track your sleep cycle. Other apps focus on eliminating unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Any application that will help you take control of any aspect of your general health, may lead to improved urological health too.

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It is always important to talk to a trusted professional when it comes to your health. If you have any questions about how mobile applications may help you make positive lifestyle changes for your urological health, or if you would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact or call Dr Arianayagam’s office on 1300 307 990, and his staff will be happy to assist.

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