Can shock wave therapy treat erectile dysfunction?

Can shock wave therapy treat erectile dysfunction?

While occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) is not uncommon, when it starts to become an ongoing issue, men have every reason to want to stop it from happening. While there are a number of possible treatments available for those who suffer from ED, shock wave therapy has emerged as a promising solution.

So, what is shockwave therapy, and how might it be used to treat erectile dysfunction? Read on to find out.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It’s also sometimes referred to as impotence. Many men experience ED during times of stress; however, regular ED can be a sign of health problems that need treatment. You may have erectile dysfunction if you regularly have:

  • trouble getting an erection
  • difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual activities
  • reduced interest in sex

Other sexual disorders related to ED may include:

  • premature ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • the inability to achieve orgasm after sufficient stimulation

ED can caused by a number of things including: cardiovascular issues, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, relationship issues, ageing or a number of injuries and other health issues.

What is shock wave therapy?

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy is a safe treatment for men with erectile dysfunction and might work to improve, or even cure, ED in some patients. The treatment consists of noninvasive low-intensity sound waves that pass through erectile tissue, restoring natural erectile function by clearing plaque out of blood vessels and encouraging the growth of new blood vessels. The shockwave treatment offers a cure in that it reverses the problems that cause the dysfunction in the first place. However, it is important to note that ED can have a number of causes (as stated above.) As such, shock wave therapy may not work for every patient.

In other areas of medicine, shockwave therapy has been used to treat problems ranging from kidney stones to diabetic foot ulcers to heart disease.

Advantages and disadvantages of shock wave therapy

Before undergoing any procedures, it is important to weigh up its pros and cons. Shock therapy holds many advantages you might like to consider including:

  • It is non-invasive 
  • no pills or medications are required
  • it is low risk

Conversely, shockwave therapy may have some disadvantages too:

  • It is not clear how well shockwave therapy works for ED.
  • It can be costly 
  • It may only be effective in men with mild to moderate ED

Men considering shock wave therapy should be fully informed regarding the potential benefits and risks. It is important to talk to a trusted healthcare professional before making any decisions. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to contact or call Dr Arianayagam’s office on 1300 307 990 and his staff will be able to assist.

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