Keeping your urinary system in tip-top shape

Keeping your urinary system in tip-top shape

While it is not something you think about all the time, it is always important to maintain a healthy urinary system.

There are a few simple things that you can do to help protect your bladder. Check them out below.

Drink plenty of water

Water is a key contributor to a healthy bladder. There are many different approaches on how much water you should drink per day. We recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which amounts to 2 litres. If you’re feeling like drinking something else, try juices containing citrus fruits or guava. The vitamin C in these fruits makes urine more alkaline, which ensures that bacteria growth is limited.

Maintain a balanced diet

A healthy diet can ensure that your bladder is kept in optimum form. In particular, high-fibre foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole-grain, can prevent a urinary tract infection. The antioxidants contained within these foods may promote the body’s internal mechanisms from defending against infections. Studies have shown that fruits and vegetables like asparagus, berries, watermelon and eggplant assist in the purification of the kidney. Cabbage, cauliflower, kale and sprouts, are excellent ways to lower the risk of bladder cancer. Proteins and meaty foods should be kept to a minimum, especially as one approaches old age, because they may lead to the development of kidney stones. Proteins tend to overwork renal functions, predicating urinary problems.

Keep active always

Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle may ensure that any urinary problems are kept at bay. Kegel exercises ensure that urine is held in the bladder. Performing these movements daily can strengthen the crucial muscles that prevent urine from leaking when you laugh, cough, sneeze or feel an urge to go to the bathroom. Importantly, it can improve a person’s ability to commence or cease their urine stream.
Given there are many possible causes of problems with a person’s urine system, the treatments are highly varied. However, if you suspect that you have symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact your urological specialist.

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